Ordering Policy

Ordering Policy

Orders may be placed 24 hours a day, seven days a week via our website.  Since every order is freshly made-to-order, there’s a considerable amount of planning that is required.  As such, we kindly ask that all orders be placed by 10pm of the evening before your desired delivery day.  For example, if you would like your delivery on Sunday evening to begin a cleanse on Monday morning, you must place your order by Saturday at 10pm.  Otherwise, you always have the option to select the next available delivery date.  In this example, the juices are pressed and bottled fresh on Sunday afternoon, delivered Sunday evening, and are guaranteed fresh though Thursday.

Order Changes and Cancellations

We do not offer refunds once your order is confirmed.  However, if a request for an order change or cancellation is submitted within 48 hours prior to the morning (11am) of your scheduled delivery day, we are happy to provide a credit to be used at any time in the following 12-month period.  We do not offer credit for cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to delivery day.  This is because preparing live, untreated juice requires the utmost diligence and care and, as such, there is quite a bit of planning that goes into creating each and every bottle.  For example, if you are scheduled for a Sunday evening delivery, you must inform us of any order changes by 11am on Friday.  In this example, after 11am on the Friday preceding your scheduled delivery on Sunday, the order is confirmed and no further changes can be made to the order for any reason.  We also CANNOT offer refunds or credit if you cancel during the cleanse for any reason.  If there are medical reasons for canceling after the 48-hour deadline, we ask you to submit a doctor’s note. Requests for refunds based on medical issues will be handled on an individual basis. We reserve the right to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Delivery Schedule     

We deliver to most areas of Chicago and the surrounding ‘burbs every Sunday and Wednesday (occasionally we will add a third day;  see delivery calendar at checkout for specific days).  Your preferred delivery date is selected at checkout when you place your order.  The designated delivery window is between 6:15pm and 9:45pm on your selected delivery day.  It is highly recommended that someone be available to accept delivery at the address specified in the order since the juices are highly perishable and must be refrigerated immediately. 

If no one is available to accept delivery:  The juices will be left in a place that either a) you specify in the notes at checkout OR b) at your door or another place at the discretion of the delivery driver.  In either case, you assume FULL responsibility of delivered juices regardless of where the juices are placed.  You agree to allow JuiceRx delivery drivers to use their best judgement as to where to best leave the juices (ie. on the side or behind the house or apartment building, under benches, behind landscaping, etc.).   As a courtesy, we will immediately attempt to notify you of the delivery at the phone number and/or email address specified in the order (and we’ll mention where the juices were left, if no instructions were indicated in the order).  Please note that JuiceRx is NOT responsible for lost or stolen product once it has been delivered or for spoiled product as a result of improper handling. 

Please note that juices are not delivered in a cooler nor do they include ice packs.  Rather, the juices are delivered pre-chilled in 6-pack beverage carriers (think 6-pack carrier for beer bottles).  Please also note that any juices left outside and exposed to heat or direct sunlight may accelerate spoilage of the juices (particularly on warm/hot summer days).  In the winter months (particularly when outside temperatures are below 38 degrees F), the juices are more likely to retain their freshness since outside temperatures are similar to refrigerator temperatures (If the juices remain properly refrigerated, they are guaranteed to remain fresh and potent for 5 days starting the day after delivery.

While we highly recommend having somebody present to accept delivery, if you anticipate not being available, we recommend selecting an alternative day for delivery (unless you feel confident about the juices being outside).  As such, feel free to specify in the notes at checkout instructing us that it is OK to leave the juices in a particular place (this greatly assists our delivery drivers and makes the delivery smoother).  Again, please note that JuiceRx is NOT responsible under any circumstance, for any lost, stolen, or spoiled juices after delivery has been made.  

Delivery Fee

Delivery is included on all orders that include a Regular or Green Cleanse (1, 3, 5 or 6 day).  In other words, you may purchase either a cleanse separately or with an unlimited number of other products, and your delivery is absolutely free.  Otherwise, for any orders that do not include a Regular or Green cleanse (such as the custom U-Pickpac™), delivery is a simple $25 fixed fee to any address eligible for delivery.  All juices are rush delivered just hours after they are pressed fresh. 

Payment Options

For the fastest possible service, we encourage that all orders be placed through our website.  We accept most forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as well as ATM debit cards bearing a Visa or MasterCard logo.  We also gladly accept payments thru Paypal (no paypal account required). 

We also accept Money Orders and Certified Checks.  Please contact us here if you prefer to use this method and we will gladly provide you with a mailing address.

Shelf Life of the Juices

Our juices are pressed using a state-of-the-art hydraulic press in order to preserve all of the delicate enzymes and nutrients, then air-sealed in bottles with protective tamper-evident seals.  If properly kept, this allows our juices to remain live, potent and fresh for 5 full days after delivery.  While 5 days is recommended for optimum freshness and potency, several of our juices may remain perfectly delicious and nutritious after 5 days.   But please note that while many of our juices remain fresh past 5 days, we cannot guarantee their freshness and potency after 5 days.  

Sales Tax

All applicable sales tax is included in the prices of our products.

Order Confirmation

After ordering, you will receive an email confirming the details of your order.  This also acts as your receipt.  In addition to your order details, the email will contain some very informative tips in preparation for your cleanse.  This is to ensure the benefits of the cleanse are maximized.

Group Rates

Great Minds Juice Alike™, right?  There’s nothing more exciting than doing a nutritional cleanse with a few friends.  Juicing with friends is much more fun and provides an additional level of support.  Plus, it gives you something interesting to talk about!  For 3 or more people doing a group cleanse together, we offer a 10% discount.  For 5 or more people doing a cleanse together, we offer a 15% discount.  So, grab a couple friends and get juicin’!  Please note that all group cleanses are all delivered to one address at one time.  Click here to learn more!

Promotional Codes

Any current (unexpired) and valid promotional codes are not stackable with any other ongoing promotions (including 10% off for groups of 3 or more).

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be purchased in x, x,x, x, denominations and are valid for all products listed on our site.  They are valid for one (1) year after the date of purchase.


You can always count on us to answer any questions you may have with our delicious products.  Or, you may already be rockin’ a cleanse and have a support question.  Either way, we’re here to help!  We are available Sunday – Thursday from 8:00am to 9pm (CT).   Click here to contact us.